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If you’re on the lookout for an Online Soccer Manager Promo Code (OSM), you’ve come to the perfect destination. Right here is where you should be! We’re dedicated to helping you discover OSM promo codes and offering comprehensive guidance on how to obtain them.

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Our commitment is to provide you with a hassle-free and cost-effective way to enhance your Online Soccer Manager experience with these valuable promo codes. So, take advantage of this opportunity to access the latest promotions and bonuses without any financial burden.

About Online Soccer Manager Promo Code

Online Soccer Manager (OSM) has earned its reputation as one of the timeless classics in the realm of online gaming. With an extensive and dedicated player base spanning the globe, this game enjoys the adoration of millions worldwide. Its impressive track record boasts over 50 million downloads, a clear testament to its immense popularity and enduring appeal. Published by Gamebasics B.V., OSM offers enthusiasts an immersive opportunity to step into the shoes of a football team manager and experience the thrill of managing a squad comprised of real-world football players from renowned clubs and leagues.

Your journey into the world of OSM begins with a crucial step – securing a contract with your favorite football club or team. This pivotal decision sets the stage for your managerial career, where every choice, tactic, and transfer matters in the pursuit of glory.

But what sets this exploration apart is our exclusive offering of promotional codes. These codes are more than just a mere collection of characters; they hold the key to unlocking additional rewards, bonuses, and advantages within the game. These perks can elevate your gaming experience to new heights, providing you with an edge as you navigate the challenging world of football management.

However, it’s essential to act swiftly, for these codes come with a limited lifespan. They are like hidden treasures waiting to be discovered, but they won’t wait forever. Once you lay your hands on these codes, redeem them promptly to reap the benefits they offer. Whether it’s in-game currency, special players, or other valuable assets, these rewards can make all the difference in your quest for success on the virtual football pitch.

So, if you’re ready to enhance your OSM adventure and gain an advantage over your rivals, dive into the world of promotional codes. Secure your spot at the pinnacle of football management by utilizing these codes wisely and staying ahead of the game. Your journey towards managerial greatness awaits, and with these codes in hand, you’re better equipped than ever to lead your team to victory in the exhilarating world of Online Soccer Manager.

List of Online Soccer Manager Promo Codes

To embark on your managerial journey, you’ll need to secure a contract with your preferred football club or team. As an extra bonus, here, we present you with some exclusive promo codes. Be quick to redeem these codes, as they have a limited lifespan and will soon expire. By doing so, you can enjoy rewarding perks and enhance your gaming experience.

Online Soccer Manager Promo Code


RRGR RGRG RGGR Redeem This Code To Get Free Rewards In the Online Soccer Manager
GRGT GTGF DFVD Redeem This Code To Get Free Rewards In Online Soccer Manager 2023
UJJY THVT TVVT Redeem This Osm Code To Get Free Rewards In Online Soccer Manager
THVH THVT RGFR Redeem This promo code generator To Get Free Rewards In Online Soccer Manager
RTGF RGCR RTGV Redeem This  Free Code To Get Free Rewards In Online Soccer Manager
TGVY ERCR JBTT Redeem This Code To Get Free Rewards In the Online Soccer Manager
ERFR TGVR RTGV Redeem This osm 22/23 promo code To Get Free Rewards In Online Soccer Manager
RTVR THBR RTCR Redeem This Coupan Code To Get Free Rewards In Online Soccer Manager
RTTG ERCE RTVR Redeem This boss coin Code To Get Free Rewards In Online Soccer Manager
ERTE ERTV ERCR Redeem This Code To Get Free Rewards In the Online Soccer Manager

To make the most of these codes, it’s crucial to use them before their expiration date. Enter these codes accurately in the designated field to reduce the likelihood of errors. The most effective approach is to copy the code with minimal room for mistakes.

OSM 22/23 Promo Codes


9AC3 Modify this code to get 100 diamonds ( New)
4928 Exchange this code to get 500 Gold.
11B7B Enter this code in order to receive 50 Diamonds
85D9 Change this code to 150 Diamonds.
C6A0 Exchange this code to get 500 Gold.
609 Enter this code in order to receive 50 Diamonds
226D3 Change this code to get 100 Diamonds.
23555 You can exchange this coupon for 500 CoinsThen exchange it for 500 Coins.
1796 Use this code to earn 50 Diamonds
1E68A Use this code to get 100 Diamonds
5BFC Exchange this code for gold item
A787 Exchange this code for a scarce item

How to Get Boss Coins in OSM

1. OSM Reward System: Every active Online Soccer Manager (OSM) manager is entitled to receive 1 Boss Coin every six (6) hours throughout the day.

⚠ Warning!: Please be aware that if a manager does not log in for a period exceeding 24 hours, they will unfortunately forfeit this bonus.

2. Explore the Business Club: As an active manager, you gain access to the Business Club, a dedicated area within the game application. Here, you can engage with OSM’s sponsors and explore various opportunities related to the game. Simply navigate to the Business Club through the menu of any active slot to unlock these exciting possibilities.

Online Soccer Manager Promo Code

OSM Promo Code

You can effortlessly acquire Boss Coins (either 1 or 2) by watching brief commercial videos or advertisements, or by selecting from a range of special offers, games, surveys, and more provided by our esteemed sponsors.

3. Achievement Unlocks: Each manager has access to a feature known as “Achievements,” which can be found on their game profile page. For every completed Achievement, there’s a specific reward of Boss Coins waiting to be earned by the manager.

4. League Rewards: Managers who actively participate in a league and successfully conclude the league with their team meeting or surpassing their initial objectives receive a reward in the form of Boss Coins. It’s important to note that the amount of Boss Coins awarded varies for each manager and league, contingent upon factors such as the final league position, total manager points earned, and any cup trophies or championships secured.

⚠ Important Note: If the squad or team fails to achieve their designated goal or league position, the manager will not be eligible for these rewards.

And that summarizes the methods for obtaining free Boss Coins. It provides an excellent starting point for managers looking to bolster their resources.

Important Information About the OSM 22/23 Promo Codes

Please be aware that all the OSM 22/23 promo codes provided here come with a limited validity period, and they will expire after a few days. If you’re eager to enjoy the rewards associated with these codes, it’s imperative to act promptly and redeem them as soon as possible.

To stay updated on new codes as they become available, feel free to engage with us in the comments section. We’ll do our best to provide you with the latest codes to enhance your gaming experience.

To ensure a seamless code redemption process and avoid any mistakes, here are some crucial tips:

1. Enter the Correct Code: Double-check that you’ve accurately entered the promo code in the required field. Even a small typo can prevent successful redemption.

2. Copy and Paste: To minimize errors, you can simply copy the code from our list and paste it directly into the designated field in the game.

3. Verify Information: Before confirming the code, verify that all the necessary information is correctly input. This includes ensuring that your account details match the requirements for code redemption.

By following these guidelines, you can maximize the benefits of the promo codes and enjoy a smooth gaming experience with Online Soccer Manager.


The codes presented on this website have been sourced from publicly available and legitimate sources. It’s important to note that our intention is solely to share information and provide valuable resources to our users. We do not endorse or promote any form of illegal activities whatsoever. Our commitment is to offer accurate and lawful information to enhance your online experience.

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